What is an Inverter Generator?

What is an Inverter Generator?

What is an Inverter Generator? 

Generators have become the need of the time for homeowners, businesses, and nomads, considering the power shortage these days. However, inverter generators differ from the usual generators you come across daily. 

Knowing about an inverter generator is essential, especially if you need a constant power supply. Here's a simple yet thorough guide to help you figure out what is an inverter generator so you can buy one easily without any confusion. 

What is the difference between an inverter generator and a typical generator? 

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The main difference between traditional and inverter generators is the size. Both conventional and inverter generators are similar, except that latter comes compact. You must've experienced that traditional generators are not only huge but hard to carry. They're heavy and difficult to move around. 

But that's not the case with an inverter generator. 

The inverter generator facilitates the portability of the generator from one place to another without causing trouble. Its light weight provides ease. Moreover, they're so small and lightweight that you'd not notice their presence. This is important because people are usually disturbed by their presence and noise. But inverter generators suit businesses to avoid hassle while entirely using the device for a constant power supply. 

What is the working mechanism of an inverter generator? 

Some people think it's hard to use an inverter generator. How would you know until and unless you've started using it for real? 

Here's how the inverter generator works without any troubling mechanism: 

  • Inverter generators do not generate any noise. 
  • They use a microprocessor to convert AC power into DC power. AC stands for alternating current, meaning the electricity moves in waves, powering different devices. 
  • AC power is converted to Direct current, and the electric current moves in one straight line to one specific area, such as a room or an entire RV.

My Inverter Generator is quiet: Should I worry? 

We're so used to noisy generators that now the quiet ones often put us in a dilemma. Some people assume that a noisy generator is a sign of a functional one.

But trust me, that's not the case. 

Here's why an inverter generator is quiet as a mouse. 

First of all, it's a step towards ensuring no noise pollution. It's not noisy due to the special enclosure that lessens the number of decibels (dB) produced by the motor. Therefore, you only hear a soft hum often heard in offices. 

Decibels determine the noise levels. As the noise gets higher, the decibel number increases as well. It measures the noise levels and the sound production of electronic devices, signals, and communication systems. An inverter is expected to produce noise levels of 50 to 60 dB. 


Is it safe to use an inverter generator? 

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Yes, it is safe to use an inverter generator. However, like any other device, it has its set of safety concerns that must be fulfilled to avoid problems in the future. 

  • Make sure the generator runs in an enclosure to exhaust all fumes to prevent overheating
  • Handle the power carefully; else it can give you an electric shock 
  • Follow the manual properly while putting the fuel to avoid fires
  • Don't keep the generator inside the house, near windows, kitchens, or bedrooms. It should be placed in open spaces. 


Why should I buy an inverter generator?

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It's hard to move on from a typical generator, especially when people believe it's been serving them significantly for many years. But why not! 

Inverter generators are far better than typical generators, and you must buy them immediately for these particular reasons: 

Clean Power 

Inverter generator generates clean power without polluting the air and causing toxic fumes thanks to their high-quality electric motor. 

Easy Maintenance 

Usually, generators require gallons of gas to work but not with inverter generators. It requires minimal maintenance as it runs on an electric motor; you don't have to worry much. 


The best thing about the generator is that it's portable. You can carry it around, making traveling less stressful. 


Cons of Inverter Generator 

Less powerful 

An inverter generator is excellent in lessening the fumes, but its compact size doesn't have as much power as conventional generators. They don't produce bouts of energy; one traditional generator equals two inverter generators. 


These portable inverter generators are costly. The price is close to $10,000, with most miniature models being around $390. Despite the cost, the amount of quality still makes it worth the investment.


 How to use an inverter generator? 

Inverter generator has more uses than you count. It has become a need because of its effectiveness over the last few years.

 Nonetheless, the usage of this generator entirely depends on your preferences and needs. But an inverter generator isn't recommended if you need more power for your entire household or a more extensive setup. 

 Here are some exclusive features you could benefit from: 

  • Huge outlets 

The portable power consists of multiple outlets for all kinds of electronics, so whenever you need power, you can plug it in and use it without any problems. 

  • Automatic and electric start

Now, you can start the generator automatically. Once the power shuts down, you won't have to go out and push the button; instead, it will detect the situation by itself and start immediately without causing trouble. 

  • Low fuel shut-off switch 

Without peering down the fuel gauge to get a full-level reading, the automatic shutdown mode helps to detect the low fuel mode. 

Is it worth it to buy an inverter generator? 

An inverter generator is your best investment in life. It's worth every penny, especially if you've been facing frequent power shortages in the area. It has abundant features, and easy maintenance helps lower owners' burdens. 

The automatic start and shut-off features enable temporarily powering up homes during a power outage. 

Hopefully, this article has answered all your concerns and qualms, and you're super confident about investing money in an inverter generator. You can find the best ones on Amazon, especially during the sale seasons, and power your homes without any worries. 

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