EcoFlow Power Kits:  Off-Grid Solar Systems

EcoFlow Power Kits: Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-grid living is becoming more and more popular. With this blog we will explain and answer a few questions about the off-grid solar system.

off grid power system.

Off-Grid Solar System - What is it?

Off-grid solar systems consist of solar panels, solar batteries, and more to give you access to generate solar energy, store it and use it daily without any access to the grid. Usually setting up a solar system requires professional work, but not this time, EcoFlow solar kits are simple enough for everyone to set-up them yourself.

How different are EcoFlow Power Kits?

EcoFlow Power Kits are made to make off-grid power generation, storage, and use more simple than ever. EcoFlow upgraded solar kits to the newest standards of electrical systems - 48V. All this comes with smart monitoring and easy controls.


Power Generation

When you are off-grid you usually do not have access to grid energy. But living without any power is tough so you need a way to generate power. Solar Power Kits can draw energy in one of four ways: solar panels, RV alternator, shore power, or EcoFlow Smart Generator. When you combine those methods, you can generate all the power you need.

Power Storage

All generated energy has to be stored somewhere. So EcoFlow Power Kits upgraded the game by offering stackable LFP batteries. These batteries can store all that energy in multiple configurations up to 15kWh. This power is enough for small to medium-sized RVs and off-grid builds such as sheds and wood cabins. Typical solar battery relies only on solar panels, but these batteries can be charged in four ways mentioned above.

Power Consumption

That stored energy is distributed to all your devices and appliances. With a 3600W output, this can be done by two methods. 

  • Plug directly into the Power Hub or plug in an extension cord for multiple appliances. 
  • Or by using EcoFlow’s Smart Distribution Panel to link all your appliances.


Components of EcoFlow Power Kits

EcoFlow Power Kits can be really simple and consist of Power Hub, a battery, and a solar panel. However, you can adjust your kit to meet your needs by adding extra batteries, control console, distribution panel and EcoFlowSmart Generator. 

EcoFlow Power Kits Full Set Up

 EcoFlow Power Kits

EcoFlow Stackable LFP batteries

Choose from 2kWh LFP batteries or 5kWh LFP batteries for your power system, with up to 3 of either. These batteries have a built-in BMS (battery management system) that regulates voltage, current, and temperature to keep them safe. The combination of a BMS, LFP battery chemistry, tech makes these batteries longer-lasting, safer, and more functional than you might be used to.

 Stackable 5kWh off grid solar batteries.

The Smart Distribution Panel

The EcoFlow Smart Distribution panel is an optional add-on that makes controlling and powering your appliances easier. 


 ecoflow smart distribution panel for off grid power kits

The Power Kit Console

The Power Kit Console acts as the control center for Power Kit setup. With a touchscreen, you can monitor and control your inputs and outputs, all connected to the Power Hub.


 Ecoflow Power Kits console

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a very important part of an off-grid solar system for charging batteries. Once you choose a power kit for you, just add solar panels to suit your needs. Solar panels and get up to 3000W solar input for fast and clean charging.


 Solar panel closeup

The EcoFlow App

Use your smartphone as a full control center with the EcoFlow App. With this app you can monitor all your inputs and outputs.

 Ecoflow power kits app

Power kits consists of 3 configurations

Power Kits three three bundle types:

  • Get Set Kits;
  • Prepared Kits;
  • Independence Kits. 

    EcoFlow - Get Set Kits

    Most basic level is a “Get Set Kit.” 

    This kit includes the EcoFlow Power Hub and some of EcoFlow’s stackable LFP batteries. With an add-on solar panel you can generate, store and use energy.


     EcoFlow Get Set Kit - Small solar power system

    EcoFlow - Prepared Kits

    Next level is a “Prepared Kit.” 

    This Power kit system includes the Power Hub, batteries, and the Smart Distribution Panel to wire your appliances. You can add Solar panels to match your needs.


    EcoFlow prepared Kit - off gris solar system package with batteries

    EcoFlow - Independence Kits

    The most advanced power system is an “Independence Kit.” 

    These Power Kits consist of Power Hub, Batteries, Smart Distribution Panel, Power Kit Console for easy controls.


    EcoFlow Independence Kit - Off grid solar system

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