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Best Generator For You

The Best Type of Generator for You

            With the number of generator brands and styles of generators out there, it helps to know what you are looking for before you begin the shopping process. Out of all the generators available, which is the best one for you? How do you know the difference? What makes one better than the other?

            The answers to these questions are directly related to what you are using them for. Are you using it on a construction site or for fieldwork? Is it in case of emergencies? Are you going camping and need it for your RV or trailer? Are you camping in a park or the backcountry? Let’s find out which is the best type of generator for you.

            It all comes down to how much wattage you need. You can determine that by figuring how many things you are going to want to power at once. If your generator can’t produce enough power to match the demands of the devices that are drawing power, it will trip the breakers designed to protect the generator. That is why it is important to know what you plan on charging with your generator.


Which Generator is the Best for You and Your Needs?


Generator Type: Solar Power Generator: These generators use solar power to charge batteries which can provide hours of reliable and stable power. These can be used to power appliances and are great for charging electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and small televisions.

            Who would need this type of generator? This makes for a great light recreational generator, that may work well for camping for your small devices.


Generator Type: Portable Gas Inverter Generator: These inverter generators are typically more efficient because they increase the energy level to match the demand. They also produce steadier and cleaner electricity that allows for sensitive electronics like tablets and phones to be plugged into the units.


Who would need this type of generator? These generators are ideal for camping and light to medium recreational use. They are also good for home use because of the stable electricity produced and the efficient nature of the engine.


Generator Type: Portable Gas Generator: These are more powerful and come with higher wattage output potential. They are also heavier and provide energy that isn’t suitable for sensitive electronics.


            Who would use this type of generator? These are perfect for a construction job site or for heavy-duty home use, such as for an emergency where there is a power blackout. They can easily power tools and home appliances and even furnace and AC equipment if the wattage is high enough.


Generator Type: Dual Fuel Generator: These are made for anyone who wants to use more than one type of fuel. Often it is a combination of gasoline or diesel and natural gas or propane. This offers a variety of options in an emergency.

            Who would use this type of generator? These are best for home emergency use.


Many Generators, Many Options


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